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1- Mohaghegh Ardabili UNIVERSITY
2- Mohaghegh Ardabili UNIVERSITY , Aghil48madadi@yahoo.com
3- Tabriz University
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The morphology of river is one of the issues in geomorphology, engineering and river management. The marginal sections of the rivers have always been subject to the riverbed due to the special social and economic conditions. The Dare Ourt River is one of the permanent rivers in Ardabil province. In recent years, there have always been floods and changes in the morphology of the duct. In this study, the Dare Ourt river was analyzed using Rosegen model at levels one and two. The main data required for this study include: 1: 2000 river topographic maps, hydrometric data and boundary conditions (Ardabil Regional Water Authority). The HEC-RAS hydrodynamic model was also used to more accurately extract the main indices of the Rosegen model. The results showed that most parts of the river have a C6c type with alluvial substrate and other dominant types observed in the four studied ranges include B6c-E6b-F6-D types. Also, the results of field visits indicate a change in the type of river type D range 4 from type C to type F, which is difficult due to the fact that reconstruction and restoration of the river in type F is difficult. Recommended restrictions on the type F is prevented from turning the river.
Type of Study: Applicable | Subject: Geomorphology
Received: 2020/04/4 | Accepted: 2020/08/16

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